Hear what customers are saying about Geoff Martin Photography!

Needing to get an updated professional headshot, I asked a friend who I should see. Hands-down, Geoff was the recommendation. It turns out my spouse also needed new pictures so we booked a session together. Geoff made us so comfortable that the session was full of laughter. Then he sat down with us and helped us select excellent pictures, nothing like the stale head shots I’ve had before! When I am asked where someone should go to get great quality photos and a good experience, it will be Geoff Martin!
— M.E. Eccles, Evanston, IL
I needed a lifestyle shot for my website and a headshot for my LinkedIn profile. I chose Geoff Martin because of his versatility as a photographer and his reputation for making his clients feel comfortable, so they can look natural in front of a camera. He took 200+ shots (at my home and in his studio) and we narrowed them down together to three winners, all in the span of just a couple hours. He made the process easy, we laughed a lot, and the results were topnotch—-exactly what I wanted. I will be calling on Geoff Martin again in the future. I recommend that you do, too.
— David L., Evanston, IL
Geoff Martin Photography is the best. It’s been a long time since I had any photos taken and I was so nervous, but Geoff was immediately so comfortable to be around, a happy person in general and made me feel like I can smile no matter what. My pictures came out even better than I expected. Couldn’t be any happier with the final photos. Thank you Geoff :)
— JIG F, Skokie, IL
I am overhauling my professional branding and came to Geoff for a headshot that I can use on LinkedIn, office email and other profiles. The photo session was an easy 45 mins and I came away with 2 great shots. The one I’m using has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. I highly recommend Geoff!
— Lisa B., Evanston, IL
Geoff was recommended to me by a friend. His photography expertise was evident during the initial consultation where we discussed different looks, wardrobe, and location possibilities. Geoff was highly accommodative with scheduling me quickly as I travel often. The actual photo shoot was at his studio, with a few outdoor shots to capture the natural daylight. Geoff is an easy person to hold conversation with, helping to stay relaxed in the photos. He also has plenty of equipment to experiment with.

Within a week, proofs were available to review online, from which I selected several as my final choices. About a week thereafter, the ultimate selections were available for download after being lightly touched up.

Geoff was professional throughout the process and my overall experience was pleasant.
— Armaan, Skokie, IL
I have used Geoff for a family photo for the last few years. He is fantastic! With 6 grandchildren under the age of 9 he is always able to get a number of great shots. I would highly recommend him.
— Cathy S., Park Ridge, IL
I admit I was a bit nervous when I approached Geoff about a photo session. I’m in my mid-40s (okay, late 40s) now and hadn’t had a portrait done since my senior year of high school! But I had to get an author photo done quickly, saw Geoff’s great reviews here, and called him. He spent over 15 minutes telling me how he worked and asking about my preferences for style/composition, including how the picture should complement my creative/writing work. I decided on the spot to book a session with him for two days later.

I’m so glad I did. From the start he made me feel comfortable (I’m not at all a natural “poser”), tried a bunch of different backgrounds/outfits/lighting, and somehow got me to act genuinely in an artificial situation. Throughout, we had an interesting conversation about photography, psychology, politics, and other topics. I was very happy with the result and got a lot of compliments on the picture. I recommend Geoff very highly. He is a pro, but one who really understands how to work with people to bring out their best. I plan to return to him for any photography needs we have, and hope you give his service a try. You won’t be disappointed.
— Sachin, Evanston, IL
We recently engaged Geoff for a studio shoot for our daughter’s graduation. I have only good things to say about that session and about Geoff! He was very professional and patient during the photo shoot. The photo editing was tastefully done as well. As a photo enthusiast myself, I find his work of high quality and pleasing. He charged us reasonably, and he delivered those lovely photos to us in a timely manner. Geoff is talented, humble and honest. I would recommend others to him without any reservation whatsoever.
— HK, Evanston, IL
Geoff is a technically gifted and artistically talented photographer. I needed some high quality outdoor and indoor head shots in a hurry before the weather changed. Geoff was able to quickly fit me into his schedule and provided everything I needed. I am truly impressed with the artistic quality of his work. And I highly recommend Geoff for any photographic services you might need. Whether professional or family portraits.
— Cathy, Glencoe, IL
Geoff worked with us around our daughters’ nap schedule to find a time when the light would be good and our daughters would be awake to take pictures. He was flexible, personable, and did a great job working with us to make sure we got the shots we wanted. He was great with our girls and also with our dog. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking to capture babies in their home environment! He sat with us going through each picture we liked, making sure we were comfortable with the lighting and overall picture quality. He was open to suggestions and did not make us feel at all rushed in selecting our pictures.
We love the pictures and will definitely use him again in the future!
— Mollie, Chicago, IL
Terrific photographer. And very patient. Geoff’s very interactive in his approach seeking your input until, as a team, you are 100% satisfied. I strongly recommend him.
— Michael, Evanston, IL
Geoff is great to work with. I had to have a portrait taken for business and dreaded having to go. My daughter suggested Geoff as she was familiar with his work. The experience was not at all what I expected, Geoff sets a very relaxed atmosphere. You forget the camera and as a result your photos have a natural expression that flatters without looking staged. I was so pleased I had a hard time selecting. Geoff really helps with the selection process, giving thoughtful feedback on what he sees in the variety of shots he takes. Also check out Geoffs incredible photos of Chicago and local landmarks, beautiful work. I am planning to return for a family portrait, I know I will not be disappointed. Geoff is a great photographer!
— Elizabeth, Wilmette, IL
The company I work for has used Geoff to have professional headshots taken of our employees for the past few years. I personally have had my portrait taken twice, and each time Geoff has been very good at making me feel at ease, which is hard to do as I hate having my picture taken. My portraits came out great, as have those of my coworkers.

I’m planning on having my family portrait taken by Geoff this fall, and am definitely looking forward to the session. I know they’ll come out beautifully! I highly recommend Geoff, he’s an outstanding photographer.
— Kristen, Skokie, IL
Geoff is a great photographer who makes people feel at ease and have fun. We’ve had several family sessions with him, including our toddler, and he handled them all wonderfully. The time just flew by and even my very reluctant to be photographed husband enjoyed the shoots. And the pictures came out great. Hardest part was choosing between so many amazing shots! Would highly recommend Geoff!
— Arielle, Highland Park, IL
Geoff was very professional and instinctively knew how to make me feel comfortable in front of the camera. He helped me find my smile and was patient with me throughout the photo shoot. I’d recommend him for any professional and/or personal head shots you may need.
— Angie W., Evanston, IL
I’ve just had my maternity portrait session with Geoff yesterday and I was blown away by how extraordinary the photos turned out. Geoff is extremely talented, creative, patient, flexible, and passionate about the work he does. He is highly skilled and versatile, able to create amazing results in a variety of settings and backgrounds, and to capture a wide range of emotions through his lens.

Not only are my photos incredible, but I also had a lot of fun during the shoot. Geoff will discuss your ideas with you and incorporate them; he will work with you to make you feel at ease and find the poses that make you look and feel your best (trust me, I did this with an 8-month belly!) To echo another reviewer here, Geoff indeed uses his heart to bring out the best in his models, and it immediately shows up in the photos and makes them shine. I could not recommend him more.
— Alina, Chicago, IL
Geoff definitely has the eye!!!! The man is great! And he makes you feel comfortable - important! He’s professional and you will get some great shots! He sees great shots we don’t. Love it!
— Meleika, Evanston, IL
Easy to work with, makes everything comfortable, and super professional with a beautiful product!
— Jamie, Carol Stream, IL
Geoff Martin is an amazing photographer, who has an eye to capture natural beauty and vulnerability...in the good sense! Each picture radiates a story...wanting to know more about the person or event!
— Mariah, Evanston, IL
Always professional, and comfortable to be with. Extremely talented and makes sure you capture what you came for!
— Amy, Wilmette, IL
I needed high quality photos for a corporate web site. Geoff was able to quickly match the requirements from corporate and we completed the task in short period.

I really like the results and I highly recommend Geoff. I will use him next time.
— Eyal, Evanston, IL
Geoff Martin Photography provided a thoroughly professional, yet also thoroughly warm and collaborative experience. I was seeking a professional headshot, and Geoff listened to what I wanted, added his vast knowledge and artistic point of view, and the result of this collaboration exceeded my expectations. He took the time to evaluate the clothing options and posing variations, and the result was truly outstanding. When I am next in the market for a professional photographer, for a family portrait or for other highly critical needs, I will call on Geoff Martin, in the knowledge that I will not get a better result anywhere.
— Steve, Evanston
We hired Geoff for a 50th anniversary large family photo shoot that was a gift to my parents. I contacted Geoff because of all the positive write ups on Yelp. He turned out to be even better than the 5 star ratings he already had. Geoff reached out to me numerous times before the photo shoot providing his ideas, asked lots of good questions, and even scouted out locations days before the shoot that he felt would be the best.

The images were awesome, the quality was great, and Geoff was easy to work with, friendly, engaging and professional. In fact some of the folks in my extended family now want to hire Geoff.

Thanks Geoff!
— Steve, Wilmette, IL
Geoff is a great photographer! I definitely give him 5 stars. He is very professional and nice to work with.
I highly recommend Geoff! You will love the work he does.
— Mirela, Chicago, IL
We hired Geoff initially to take portrait shots for an upcoming publicity event/write up for my business. He amazed me with his creativity, attention to detail and willingness to spend the time to get the ‘best shot’. The results were unique, and I was thrilled.

My husband then hired Geoff for his portrait shots for his business. Again, the results were wonderful and very unique. Geoff suggested taking the shots outside, and they worked out perfectly. My husband was really happy with them.

I also hired Geoff to take interior shots of a recently finished interior project. Geoff was careful to capture creative images by playing with lighting and perspective. He also suggested detailed shots which have been great additions to my portfolio.

Since then, we’ve hired Geoff to be onsite during professional events to capture the experience for publicity. We’ve also hired Geoff to take portrait shots of our children. My youngest was really grumpy the day of the most recent shoot, and my oldest was full of extra energy! Geoff was amazing working with them. He showed patience, humor and was extremely professional. The images are fantastic. He managed to create some wonderful memories and capture their personalities.

Geoff has brought a creative eye and passion to every shoot that we’ve worked on with him. I am constantly amazed by his unique ability to capture personalities, moments and spaces in the best possible light.
We highly recommend Geoff Martin Photography and will continue to hire Geoff for our personal and professional needs.
— Sarah, Wilmette, IL
Geoff is incredibly good at portrait. I have him taken photographs several times. Despite the high quality of the pictures, he is particularly good at exploring the special part of his clients and make them feel comfortable. I am not a very expressive person and usually got nervous in front of a photographer. But I didn’t have that problem with Geoff at all. He was so good at making me relaxed and communicating with me about what ideas I wanted to convey in the pictures. He was not like those photographers who always tried to impose their ideas on clients and took photographing as a mass production. For Geoff, I can tell he used his heart to create every piece of his photos. He is a real photographer!

I’ve never had such a great photo shooting experience. I would definitely come here again. I only did some personal style portraits, I heard he is also very good at taking family photos.
— Jiyin, Evanston, IL
Our family had Goeff take photos of us on thanksgiving and he has a nice studio and he took a lot of excellent pictures. He was very professional throughout but also patient and understanding during the session. We now have some very nice photos to remember this holiday and use for Holiday cards and gifts. We highly recommend Geoff Martin Photography.
— Dave, Wilmette, IL
I hired Geoff to do some portraits of my three year old. Not only were the pictures incredible, but son had so much fun he asks for Geoff all of the time. To me this says a lot about geoffs ability to make his clients feel at ease. We will absolutely be using Geoff again in the near future for our holiday pictures!
— Lindsey, Glencoe, IL