1-Year Birthday Cake Smash-ish!

Doherty's first birthday celebration was a smash! Well, sort of. We had the cake, we had a blast... but the cake didn't exactly get smashed. But, before we get to that, it was important to get some shots of the birthday girl with her cake, intact. She was all about the poses in the beginning, and more than happy to walk in mommy's shoes for a while...  

After a quick change of the backdrop and lighting, we were ready to get messy! At least some of us were. Once this birthday girl had a taste of the sugary cake, she decided it was not for her. We tried our best to inspire a big smash at the end, but this diva was done for the day.

Have you ever had a cake smash party with your kids? What would you do differently? Suggestions are welcome in the comments section below. Thanks for checking out my blog!