Portrait of an Artist

I enjoy working with creative people, and Chihsuan Yang is an especially fun and engaging artist to spend time with. She is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, and recent 2015 3Arts Awardee, who is regularly engaged in the Chicago music scene. But, beyond her talent and professional accomplishments; she is fun and full of positively warm energy, which makes her all the more enjoyable to work with! I'm happy to share a selection of images we did in collaboration with filmmaker Paul Hamilton, also a Chicago pianist, conductor & music director.

Sometimes a photo shoot yields so many great shots that you have to make a blog post about it so you can share more of the photos with everyone! These photographs span two separate photo shoots; one indoors at my studio, and the other outside in an open field just before sunset. 





Filmmaker, Paul Hamilton capturing motion in the field. See a clip of the gorgeous video he made "the golden field", accompanied by Chihsuan's beautiful music, here: https://vimeo.com/148255419 


On to the studio session where you see a glimpse of the fun we were having between shots, and Chihsuan's infectious goofiness. You can't be serious ALL the time! And Chihsuan definitely wears a smile well.  


We had so much fun working together on these two photo shoots, and best of all, I have made two new great friends. You can find more about Chihsuan and Paul at the links below. Also, be sure to check out Chihsuan Yang on iTunes. You won't be disappointed!