Jack does Senior Portraits

This is Jack. And these are a few of his high school senior portraits we made together. I've been interested in doing more senior portraits lately, and last year offered me several new opportunities to do just that. This was a fun session, as Jack is a great guy, good looking, and has a range of expressions he wasn't afraid to try. It was also a very chilly day in November, so he was a great sport throughout the entire shoot.

I'm looking forward to doing more and more of these unique portrait sessions this year. Is it time for you or your kids to do senior portraits? Check out some of Jack's photos below!  

This next pair of photos requires a little explanation. The superman shirt was part of an inside joke between friends, and apparently it was worn by a couple of them throughout the halls of the school, and it even made it into the official yearbook photo. So, it was essential that we capture the superman pose in studio! 

All in all this was a fun shoot. Jack was great to work with and an overall nice guy. I hope he gets a lot of use from these portraits, and I look forward to capturing more to come!