A Lovely Newborn Baby Arrives

One of the most important moments in someone's life is when they welcome a newborn baby into the family. For this family, like many of my first-time clients, this little girl is their first. I don't have kids of my own yet, so it's strange to me that in some ways I am more experienced with newborn babies than these first-time parents; albeit my experience consists of spending only a couple hours at a time with each of them, without the long sleepless nights. Yet, it's always exciting to witness new parents interact with their newborns so cautiously, filled with wonder and amazement in what they created. I can only imagine the flood of thoughts flowing through their minds in these first couple weeks as parents. This is the beginning of what we all know will be a long and fulfilling journey in the life of this little one; and I am so happy to be able to capture these first moments. Meet Samaya...   

Samaya was having a rough day during our session, and nothing calms a baby like mommy and daddy holding her closely, so when mom cradled her head to calm her nerves, I thought it was a nice moment to capture... then comes daddy (it was apparent during our session that she is already a bit of a daddy's girl).

The last couple moments captured with mom are a couple of my favorites! I am always appreciative of the opportunity to be a small part of this process for new parents and to share, even if only a moment, this new and exciting time with them. A big thank you to my wonderful clients for choosing me as their photographer for this important milestone! 

If you or anyone you know is looking for newborn photography in or around the Evanston area, I'm excited to work with you on creative and custom concepts.