Family Session in the Park

Take a peek into a family photo session at one of my favorite locations in Wilmette, IL!

It was the first time in four years that all of the siblings from the Enriquez family were together in the same place. Enrique Enriquez is a dear friend of mine and is also the magical hair and makeup artist I use on my photo shoots. He told me his mother, siblings, and niece would all be in town together and he wanted to capture this day. Enrique resides in Chicago, but most of his family lives in Mexico, so this opportunity does not come often. Cleary, everyone came prepared and were already looking great, so now all we had to do was relax and enjoy the evening while I snapped away! Meet the family... 

  The four siblings pictured together. 

The four siblings pictured together. 

I love this location because there are several different areas to use for backdrops, all within a short walk. We've now made our way to the grassy, sandy dune beach area, and ultimately onto the lake shore.   

It was one of those perfect evenings with perfect weather, temperature, and the lovely sunset light. We had wrapped up the posed shots throughout the park, but when the family decided to sit together and enjoy the sunset on the beach, I couldn't help but take some more snapshots. I just love these! 

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into a family photo session! If you see something you like, and are interested in setting up a session for you and your family, you know where to find me. I also highly recommend my friend, and professional hair and makeup artist, Enrique Enriquez. You can find more information about his services here: